Spiritual Testing

Study Guide

As Paul continues to urge the believers at Corinth to repent of their sins and come back under God’s authority, he explains the value of self-examination and receiving correction. Only when we are honest with ourselves and humbly come under the authority God has placed in our lives will we experience God’s power through our weakness.
  1. Consider the concept of self-examination. Does looking within and reflecting honestly on the state of your soul come easily to you? Why or why not? Why is self-examination important to our spiritual growth?

  2. We often avoid or reject correction because it is disruptive and uncomfortable. What are some ways you can actually seek out correction in your life? What spiritual authority do you need to lean into during this season?

  3. In order to both give and receive correction, we must know God’s Word. What steps do you need to take in order to know the truth of the Bible more fully?

  4. Correction is easier before the crisis. When is a time you have experienced this principle either by accepting or rejecting early correction, and what were the consequences?

Key Points
  • Like the Corinthians, we often create our own version of Christianity. However, we must be sure that we are under God’s Kingdom—that our purposes are aligned with his.

  • One way we can adopt a posture of weakness and humility is to develop the discipline of self-examination. We must honestly examine our souls so that we can lean into our weaknesses and experience God’s power.

  • Although our culture emphasizes living authentically, God directs us to live humbly and to be willing to receive the correction of spiritual authority. While correction is disruptive and challenging, it is a powerful gospel tool for growth.

  • Correction is easier before the crisis. As a body of believers, we must seek to create a culture wherein we are willing to step into ambiguous situations for the sake of the truth.

  • In order to receive or give correction well, we must know God’s Word.

  • If we want an authentic experience of God, we have to do it on his terms and under his kingship.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 13:3-10

Topics: Authority, Christianity, Correction, Faith