Study Guide

Many of us are tempted by our culture’s glorification of a busy lifestyle. However, Jesus models a life of rest and dependence even in the midst of the work God calls him to, and we also can find peace by resting in God’s provision.
  1. Constant hurry can cut us off from God—our lives become full while our souls are empty. What might you need to eliminate from your life that is an obstacle to your faith? What is keeping you from a life of dependence on God?

  2. Jesus both embodies and invites us into an unhurried life. What things are you going to besides Jesus in order to fill you? What adjustment do you need to make in order to cultivate a posture of rest and dependence on God?

Key Points
  • Many of us lead full lives, but our souls are empty. This life of hurry is characterized by tiredness, restlessness, workaholism, misplaced priorities, and a sense of urgency and importance.

  • We like having a sense of control and significance; however, hurry and sin have similar effects on our lives—they cut us off from God.

  • In Mark 1, Jesus’ influence and power is reaching its peak. He is greatly sought after. Yet, it is during this time that Jesus retreats, slows down, and exhibits his utter dependence on God.

  • While we may be tempted towards escapism when life gets overwhelming, we can prevent hurry from dominating us by practicing rest and cultivating a posture of dependence on God.

  • Resting and depending on God will not automatically make our lives easier—there is always work to be done for God’s kingdom. However, resting in Christ will provide us with strength, power, and peace in the midst of that work.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Mark 1:35-39