Church Reimagined: Family of God

Study Guide

Many of us have church wounds or negative preconceived ideas of church. However, the local church is an expression of the reality that all believers are part of God’s family. Through the church, we can be fully known and loved, experience belonging and unity, and benefit from the protection of God’s authority.
  1. The local church is an expression of the authority of Christ. Have you ever submitted to the authority of the church in a difficult situation? How did that affect you? What might keep you from submitting to church leadership?

  2. Consider your circle of influence. Are you willing to give spiritual direction when you have insight into another believer’s life? What might make that difficult? How can you lean into investing in the local church?

  3. To fully experience the power of the church, we need relationships in the categories of belonging, unity, and authority. Which area do you need to grow in? How do you need to invest or receive from others? What is holding you back from experiencing church family?

Key Points
  • All believers are part of the universal Church. But in order to fully experience God’s design for church, we must invest in and receive from a local body of believers.

  • The image of a family helps us understand what church is—it is also the reality of God’s kingdom. When we follow Christ, we become part of God’s family.

  • To belong to the church is to be fully known and fully loved. This is counter to how the world works, but it embodies how Jesus knew us fully—in all our sin—and chose to love us.

  • God desires unity in the church, not uniformity. While it is difficult to connect with those who are different from us, the bond we share in Christ is bigger than any difference.

  • The authority of the local church provides protection for believers. We must humble ourselves and be willing to both receive direction and give it to others in truth and love.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Ephesians 2:19-22

Topics: Local Church