Blindness to Sight

Study Guide

After 18 weeks of sitting under teaching about God our Savior and the present benefits of our salvation, many of us have learned a lot about who we were before Christ and who we are after surrendering our lives to follow him. But what are we doing with what we have learned? How are we moving on our convictions from the Holy Spirit? In Mark 8, we are challenged to take action on what Jesus tells us rather than try to merge our own agenda with the sometimes persecuting life of believing the gospel.
  1. Mark 8:31 warns us that this world is a tough place. When things don’t go our way, instead of getting disillusioned with God, we have to remember that we are on his agenda not our own.

    In what current circumstances have you put your own life expectations above God’s agenda for your life? What life expectations are you trying to merge with the truth of Mark 8:31?

  2. Peter’s thoughts about what he wants—and consequently your thoughts about what you want—can be so loud that you cannot hear what the Spirit is trying to tell you or where he is trying to lead you. How might our affluent society and sense of entitlement be contributing to your own voice being louder than God’s? What are some ways you can quiet the voice in your own mind so that you can listen to the Spirit?

  3. Jesus tells us to stop being ashamed of him and to give up our own way. What would that look like for you? What are ways you are hanging onto your life?

  4. Spiritually we can be blind, half-sighted, or full-sighted. Where do you think you fall in these three categories? What are you blind to? Where do you need to be courageous enough to take action?

Key Points
  • We can say or think anything about our theology, but it is what we do that reveals what we actually believe.

  • Mark 8:31 can be confusing for the believer who believes in his head that following the Messiah doesn’t equal suffering. However, in the same way that Peter wrestled with wanting his own agenda, we have to come to understand that God’s agenda doesn’t merge with our own.

  • Some of us are missing out on what God has for us because we are waiting for God to change his agenda to match what we want.

  • At some point we have to stop talking about and listening to the things of Jesus and instead do something about it.

  • If you are spiritually blind, not trusting in Jesus as your Savior, understand that your desire for control is not healthy. You are the creature, and God is the Creator; you were never created for this much control over your life. Do you need to surrender control to Jesus and follow him?

  • Releasing the right of control to God is freeing.

  • If you are spiritually half-sighted, you may be learning, but you are not moving. You need to take action on something you have learned in this series and surrender to the call on your life to live holy and set apart.

Scripture: Mark 8:14-38

Topics: Control, Fruit, Salvation