I Am the Bread of Life

Study Guide

Jesus identifies Himself with the Father as He boldly claims “I AM” in the same way that God revealed Himself as “I AM WHO I AM” in Exodus 3:14. The first of these statements begins with Jesus speaking to a large crowd who is struggling to believe in Him. While they are looking for God to perform for them and give them earthly bread, Jesus gives them an alternate understanding of who He is when He claims, “I am the bread of life.” Instead of a God who tends to the needs of our earthly life alone, Jesus reminds the crowd of people that He is the source of true, eternal life.
  1. The crowd of people that Jesus is talking to in John 6 are searching for a god who will perform for them—who provides immediate earthly needs. How have you had similar expectations of God recently? For what have you demanded immediate gratification instead of looking to Him as the source of true life?

  2. The people brag about receiving manna, which only temporarily sustains them physically and ultimately doesn’t give them life. What temporal thing have you chosen to put your hope and trust in? What is it that you treat as your “manna” (e.g. dreams about what your life should be; your beauty; your strength; your money; your spouse, family, or relationships; your retirement; the status that you have acquired; etc.)?

  3. Everything meaningful to us in this world will in some form leave us or we will leave it. We are in need of a stable future—a life beyond death. Are you certain of your future? Do you believe that Jesus raised from the dead so that you may truly live? What does it mean to you that Jesus is the bread of life? What would it look like to build your life on Jesus?

Key Points
  • In John 6:39, Jesus says, “And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all those he has given me, but raise them up at the last day.” Here we see that there is an exchange between the Father and the Son of a precious gift—the gift of His children to Jesus while we are on earth. As believers, we can be encouraged that Jesus will keep us and protect us until God raises us up.

  • John 6:44 says, “For no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them to me,” reminding us that in our nature we are so bent, broken, and isolated from God that God has to come after us. Instead of getting caught up in the further meaning of this verse, we are simply assured that we are in desperate need of someone besides us to be in charge of us—and God comes after us.

  • We all build our life on something—but only One can bear the weight of our souls.

Scripture References