I Am the Door of the Sheep

Study Guide

We crave something so much greater than what this world can offer. In John 10:1-10, Jesus reveals Himself as the access to what our soul craves—He is the door. To communicate this truth to the Pharisees and explain how He interacts with His people, Jesus uses the imagery of a sheep pen. Like sheep, we are not self-sufficient and we are created to hear the personal voice of our Shepherd.
  1. We are helpless when left to ourselves. Like sheep, we need a shepherd and sheepfold; for us, this means biblical community and a local church. As followers of Jesus, need to make a structural and systematic commitment to both of these. It is possible to be in some form of community and not actually practice community. Are you hiding in plain sight? When was the last time you exposed something about your sin that required courage to do it? When is the last time you challenged someone else to do that?

  2. God speaks to us in a personal, customized way that is tailored for our souls— giving us direction on what it means for us, individually, to move. How is Jesus speaking to you that way? We are responsible to respond and act as Jesus speaks to us personally. What are the core one or two areas of your life where you are being called to move?

  3. Jesus is the door to the only life that satisfies our souls. Because God is our Creator, we have to humble ourselves and trust that he knows how to satisfy us. While we are tempted to indulge in sin and must humble ourselves to pursue satisfaction in Jesus, we have to trust that only He can give us true life. What are the false doors you are looking in for satisfaction? What does it look like to shut those doors?

Key Points
  • In this passage, the door is a symbol of access to God. It is only when we recognize that a door is shut that we value an open door. In the same way, we have to recognize our sin problem and separation from God a for us to value the gospel. Jesus is the only way to deal with the brokenness of our souls.

  • God’s grace does not excuse justice but fulfills justice. He is very inclusive about who salvation is offered to but exclusive about how.

  • If you are not a believer—have you stopped the distractions enough to think of the reality of God, sin, and death. What you are doing with the truth that you have heard?

Scripture References

Topics: Community, Local Church