I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life

Study Guide

Through different phrases, explanations, and contexts, Jesus continues to reveal His Deity to His people. He reassures us to look to Him for stability and security, knowing that He is the Way to the Father, the Truth that reveals who God is, and the Life that goes beyond this world and into the eternal.
  1. The “I AM” statements help us deepen our understanding around the magnificence and mystery of Jesus. What have you learned so far about the magnificence of Jesus? What questions do you have surrounding who He is revealing Himself to be?

  2. Jesus commands us to not let our hearts be troubled and to trust in both the Father and in Jesus. There is a relationship between our anxiety and trusting God: when we trust ourselves with things beyond our capacity, it fuels anxiety, but when we trust God with things we realize are bigger than us, it fuels peace. In what area of your life are you trying to trust yourself instead of God? How can you move towards peace and trusting Him?

  3. In our world, we put too much pressure on this life. We expect peace, happiness, kindness, love, and stability that this world cannot give—the world cannot come through on the things we crave deep in our souls. Only eternity with our Creator will reconcile our deepest desire. We have to shift our expectations and look past this moment to fix our eyes on the stability of our eternity with Jesus. What do you expect from the world that it cannot give to you? When you fix your eyes on eternity, how does your perspective change?

Key Points
  • In John 14:1, Jesus says “Don’t let your hearts be troubled.” Notice that by stating this, Jesus calls us to lead our emotions. We are not slaves to our heart and emotions, but through Jesus have the ability to control them.

  • Thomas is humble and honest with his questions. This is the kind of humility that Jesus responds to—He came for those who are humble enough to know their own brokenness and ignorance and present to God their questions.

  • Jesus is the Way and at the same time the destination.

  • If you want to hold on to the Father, you need to hold on to Jesus. Jesus is the only One who is qualified to both stand in the line of fire for us and redeem us. He is the perfect substitute and the only access to God. The Father and the Son, along with the Spirit, exist in perfection and cannot be separated.

Topics: Hope, Suffering