The Fractured Family

Study Guide

Genesis 27:1-40 gives us a window into what it looks like when we live a life that is not defined and directed by Scripture. When we are led by our own impulses and appetites, directing ourselves, we will ultimately be led to division and destruction. We are all ruled by something—it is necessary that we understand what it is that is governing us.
  1. Esau and Isaac are both under the tyranny of their appetites, acting as slaves to the desires of their flesh, while Rebekah and Jacob live under the rule of ambition. In what ways do you see your heart being governed by appetite or ambition?

  2. We are all ruled by something. If you are not ruled by who God is and what He says to be true, something else will take the throne of your heart. How have you seen this expressed in your own life? What has taken a seat at the throne of your heart recently?

  3. Instead of going to the One who ultimately rules, Rebekah takes matters into her own hands. In view of Rebekah’s manipulative actions, Bill White challenges us to take caution: we need to leave space for God to work on our behalf. Where can you apply this truth in your life right now? Where do you need to leave room for God to work? How are you trying to step in and rule instead of going to the One who rules?

Key Points
  • Because we experience life in the moment, and it’s often difficult for us to see the bigger picture, Scripture helps us view a fuller perspective.

  • When we are truly aligned with Scripture, it produces humility in us as we recognize the brokenness of the our condition.

  • When we are led by our appetite, we can squander our spiritual legacy as we are driven to selfish choices. Bill cautions us that there are things in this world that cannot be undone. God is still a God of forgiveness and grace, but in this world there are consequences.

  • Jesus is ultimately born in the line of Jacob. In the middle of this fractured family and dysfunction, we have this blessing of God to do work and good on our behalf. God’s determination to bless is not thwarted by our failures; He is more committed to blessing us than we are committed to pursuing the blessing.

Scripture References

Scripture: Genesis 27:1-40

Topics: Arrogance, Control, Sovereignty