Study Guide

This week, we meet Rahab, a prostitute from Jericho who says “yes” to God in an extraordinary way. When Joshua sends spies into Jericho, Rahab helps them with their mission and hides them from enemy authorities. Because she is willing to step out in faith and help the people of God, Rahab’s story does not end in despair. God takes control of her life story and saves her entire family from Jericho’s destruction.
  1. We know that Rahab is a person of faith because her actions are evidence of her faith. Are your actions reflective of your faith in Jesus? Why or why not?

  2. We tend to rely on religious activities (church attendance, small groups, serving, etc) to carry us along. If those things were stripped away, how would it affect your faith? In what ways have you depended on the church to be your spiritual momentum?

  3. How is the message of our culture different than the message of the gospel?

  4. Rahab loses her entire culture as a result of following God. Are there things in your life that you have had to give up to follow Jesus? What did you gain?

  5. Think about the moment you accepted God’s invitation to be a part of his story. What could your story have been if you had said “no”?

Key Points
  • Self-sufficiency only lasts so long before it leads to despair. We can rest in the promise that faith does not lead us into despair but leads to hope on earth and eternal life to follow.

  • Rahab eventually becomes the great grandmother of Jesus. There is no story that is “too messy” for God to redeem. Her transformation is proof that God uses the most unlikely and humble people to carry out his plan.

  • Becoming one of God’s covenant people involves coming into a relationship with God’s covenant people. For God to use us, we must be sure we are connected to the body of Christ and not sitting on the sidelines.

  • True faith in Jesus will require us to abandon our own ways and submit to God’s authority.

  • God blesses those who have been faithful. He does not promise us an easy life but he does promise that our reward is in heaven.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Joshua 2

Topics: Self Reliance