Judgment and Mercy

Study Guide

Continuing his argument from the last two chapters, Paul expounds on God’s trustworthiness. Not only has God faithfully preserved a remnant of believing Jews, but in his kindness, he has grafted Gentiles into his salvation story. As Gentiles, Paul warns us not to be arrogant, because just as Israel was cut off for their lack of trust, we too should be wary of hard hearts. Our focus and confidence should be in God's abounding grace and ability to fully accomplish his promise to bring people to himself.
  1. A good definition of trust is the ability to release control without turning to escape. In moments of crisis, are you able to sit in your own fragility and simply trust God? Do you say you trust God, but actually find yourself relying on your own ability? When you escape, what do you find yourself escaping to?

  2. God’s eternal plan to bring his people to himself proves his trustworthiness. What areas of your life do you find it difficult to entrust to God? Why is it difficult?

  3. Paul warns us not to become arrogant in our standing with God, which can lead to hard hearts. Is there evidence of faith in your life? When was the last time you were filled with joy and thankfulness for the work God is doing in you?

Key Points
  • God demonstrates his trustworthiness by keeping his promise to Israel through preserving a remnant of believing Jews.

  • God has also opened up salvation to the Gentiles, which should stimulate jealousy in the Jews and move them to repentance. This has been part of his salvation plan from the beginning.

  • God is both severe and kind. In his kindness he has granted salvation to the Gentiles. But if we fail to trust, he will not spare us, just like the Jews who did not believe.

  • Even though the Jews have rejected him, God is, and has always been, working to bring his people to himself. He is carrying out his eternal plan, faithful to accomplish his promises. The majesty and mystery of this plan is far beyond our understanding, leading us to joy and wonder.

  • In the midst of our panic and lack of understanding, God has not withheld himself. Through Jesus, he offers himself completely. All we can do is humbly believe.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Romans 11:1-36