Week 1


This new series introduces God as our Creator. Because of the fall, not everything is as he intended it to be. This world is now …

Week 2


This week through the story of Joseph, we learn how our faith in God should be constant no matter the circumstances.

Week 3

Overwhelming Goodness

This week, we learn that God is loving, compassionate, merciful, patient, faithful, forgiving, and just. We also learn about how he cares about us.

Week 4

Perfect Judge

God is just. Because of our sin, there needs to be payment. God has provided his Son to take the punishment of our sin by …

Week 5

Willing Sacrifice

Last week, we learned about needing a payment for our sins. This week, we learn how our sins have been paid for through Jesus in …

Week 6

Boldly I Approach the Throne

This week, students learn about the access we have to God through Jesus. We don’t have to hide in our sin, but instead can come …