Solo este Momento

Study Guide

Once again, Solomon brings us face-to-face with the brokenness and injustice inherent in the world. Even wisdom cannot insulate us from suffering and pain. However, we can find joy in living a small life and humbly enjoying the good things God has given us.
  1. We often think that the answer to our problems is wisdom or knowledge, but that does not solve the world’s brokenness. What does it mean for your faith to “be sturdy” when life is chaotic? When difficult moments come, how can you hold your loved ones, accomplishments, and plans with open hands and trust in God?

  2. In the face of the world’s brokenness and injustice, Solomon calls us to live a small life and be content with what God has given us in the moment. What would this look like for you? What worries do you need to release to God? What present joys do you need to embrace?

Key Points
  • Religious people think that because they do the right things, then God will work for them. Solomon exposes those props—injustice and suffering come to both the wise and the foolish.

  • Being wise does not insulate us from the brokenness and pain of this world. Furthermore, we cannot control what happens to all we have accomplished after we are gone.

  • Solomon calls us to live a small life. We cannot control the world, so we must humbly enjoy the goodness God has given us—a day’s work, a good meal, our families.

  • Two realities exist–God’s creation is good and he has given us joy; also, the world is fallen, causing frustration. Jesus’ death on the cross is the only thing that makes sense of both.

  • We must accept that suffering is part of being a follower of Jesus and willingly move into the brokenness of the world. However, we can also have hope in a certain future with him in eternity.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 2:12-26