En Cristo: No hay Condenación

Study Guide

One of the great themes in Romans is the choice we all must make—will we be controlled by sin or righteousness? In this passage, Paul is clear that believers are no longer under condemnation when they choose life in Christ. This is a daily choice to die to self, turn from sin, and submit to the direction of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
In Christ: No Condemnation
  1. Part of the Christian experience is the indwelling guidance of the Holy Spirit. Have you ever made a difficult decision solely based on the direction of the Holy Spirit? What was that like? How did it affect your faith?

  2. Romans 8:13 is clear that either sin will live in our hearts and bring us death, or we must die to ourselves through the power of the Spirit in order to live. What does it look like for you to die to yourself? Have you ever experienced the Holy Spirit’s power to overcome sin in your life? How so? If not, why?

Key Points
  • Although believers live in the reality of God’s judgment of their sin, they are also in Christ, and therefore, free from God’s condemnation. And even though we still struggle with sin, we are no longer enslaved to its power.

  • Those who are dominated by fleshly desires lack spiritual power. These desires are often manifested through a sense of personal sovereignty and entitlement to live life on our own terms.

  • The indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit gives us both guidance in life and the power to live free from sin.

  • The present decay in and around us should drive us towards the Holy Spirit. A close relationship with the Spirit is vital in the life of a believer—we cannot expect to live independently throughout life and then suddenly trust God in the moment of death.

  • All believers face an ongoing struggle with sin. Over time, God works on our souls to change our identity and worldview as we grow to be more like Christ.

  • There are also critical moments when we must make a decision to turn from sin, even when it feels like death. In embracing our death because of sin, we find life in Christ and power to do what is necessary for repentance

Scripture: Romans 8:1-17