Reconciliado por Su Muerte, Salvo por Su Vida

Study Guide

In this passage, Paul unpacks the hope we have in Jesus. While we were his enemies, God made a way for us to be reconciled to him through the sacrificial death of his Son. When we embrace this reality through faith, we have strength to endure trials, rejoice in the face of difficulties, and look forward with confident hope to a future glory with God.
  1. We can be confident and joyful in this fallen world because of our future hope in sharing God’s glory. Do you believe your life is more defined and shaped by your experience of the present moments or this future hope? Why?

  2. In the past, how have trials stripped away your confidence in earthly things (job, family, opportunities, etc.) and forced you to rely on God alone? How did those experiences shape your worldview?

  3. While it’s easy to be joyful about earthly things (marriage, children, wealth, etc.), our only true reason for joy is the fact that we have been reconciled to God through Jesus. Have you ever realized that you had more joy and hope in something here on earth than you did in Jesus? What steps can you take to move your confidence from yourself to God?

Key Points
  • Since the fall, all humanity has been born into a state of being God’s enemy. By his grace, God has engaged us and provided a way to make us right with him through his Son.

  • Our faith is critical to our salvation. We must move from having confidence in ourselves—our systems, good works, motives, value—to having confidence in God alone as the source of our hope.

  • Although difficult and disruptive, trials function to force us to rely on God. We cannot navigate them in our own power. Enduring trials builds character and reinforces our hope in God and our eternal future.

  • Trials also expose where we misplace our hope in earthly things and other people. They reveal the true state of our hearts and where our confidence lies.

  • Because human love is inherently conditional, it is difficult for us to grasp the unconditional nature of God’s love that prompted him to sacrifice his Son on our behalf. God’s love points to his character, not our value or worth.

  • As believers, our joy should be rooted in the reality that God has solved our biggest problem and made us right with himself. This truth allows us to worship God through any trial and gives us confidence through difficult times.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Romans 5:1-11