Una Ambición por el Evangelio

Study Guide

In this passage, Paul reflects on what he has shared with the Roman believers and on his future plans. He encourages them to be strong in their faith, give generously to fellow believers, support his mission to spread the gospel, and trust God in all things.
  1. Even those of us who have been believers for many years need continual reminders of the truth to reorient our hearts and ground us in Scripture. How well do you receive and apply what you’ve been taught? What changes do you need to make in your life to set aside cultural obsessions and make room in your heart for truth?

  2. Paul emphasizes the importance of generosity in both spreading the gospel and in proving the authenticity of our faith. If someone were to look at your spending, saving, and giving habits, what would they observe about where your heart is—what you value and believe?

  3. Just as Paul had to trust God in very specific ways, so should we be trusting God daily for specific facets of our lives. What are some things you are currently trusting God for? How can you lean on God and involve others in growing your trust?

  4. God promises to give his children peace through Jesus Christ. When do you tend to give in to worry and anxiety? What does that indicate about your trust in God?

Key Points
  • As Paul reflects on his mission and thinks towards the future, he encourages the believers at Rome to ground their hearts with the gospel and commit themselves to growing in holiness.

  • While Paul’s ministry to the Gentiles causes controversy, he knows God is working through him to spread the gospel. God uses people to change lives.

  • The Gentile believers demonstrate the authenticity of their faith by giving financially to the believers in Jerusalem. How we spend our money is a sure indicator of what we value and believe.

  • Generosity is integral in the life of a believer. We give because it is an act of worship, it is an opportunity for investment and reward, and it unites believers.

  • God promises to give his children peace through Jesus Christ. When we give in to worry and anxiety, we are not believing that God is trustworthy.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Romans 15:14-33