The story of 1 Samuel traces Saul’s rise and fall along with David’s strange succession. As fortunes turn upside down, the reader wonders if God will keep his promises to Abraham and bless the world through such a self-imploding nation and the reign of a human king. Join us as we explore 1 Samuel to see how God's agenda for his Kingdom will always challenge our ideal of life and liberty on our own terms.


Reading Plan

These daily readings will help prepare you for the upcoming teaching you will hear this weekend at Grace Church. These passages will create some context for the sermon by showing you Scriptures the author might be quoting and some passages that contain related ideas. Our hope is that as you follow this reading plan, it will help you become more defined and directed by Scripture.


Study Questions

  • WEEK 1: Hannah's Prayer


  • WEEK 2: Eli's Wicked Sons & God's Rebuke


  • WEEK 3: God Speaks, Samuel Hears



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