The Incarnation

Study Guide

The overarching narrative of Scripture paints a picture of God’s steadfast love for his people. This love culminates in the incarnation of Jesus Christ, his life of humble service, and his death and resurrection. Like Jesus, we must be willing to empty ourselves and suffer for others, thus advancing God’s kingdom on earth.
  1. Whatever challenges or difficulties you are facing, the incarnation demonstrates that God knows what you are experiencing. How does that color your view of Christmas and Jesus’ birth?

  2. Through the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, God shows his commitment to his steadfast love for us. What are the implications of rejecting his love? Have you ever rejected the love of God? How so?

  3. Because Jesus suffered for us, we must also be willing to release what we have, empty ourselves, serve others, obey God’s call, and suffer for others. What would it look like for you to suffer in order to bless somebody else?

Key Points
  • Even though we are willfully sinful, God does not retain anger towards us. Instead, he delights in his steadfast love of us.

  • In order for God to love us in this way, the incarnation was necessary. Jesus had to enter the world as a human so that he could die, for only through death could he defeat the power of Satan.

  • Jesus is the price of God’s love. He had to taste humanity and live under the curse in a broken world so that he could be our High Priest, representing us before God.

  • Jesus’ entire life is a demonstration of how God delights in steadfast love.

  • Because of his humanity, Jesus understands our weaknesses and sufferings. Our response to such love and commitment should be to run to him.

  • Jesus’ humble sacrifice changes our lives. In the same way, we must humble ourselves and be willing to embrace indignity and vulnerability in order to show God’s love to others.

  • The pathway to sharing in the glory of God lies in our ability to release our rights, empty ourselves, obey God, serve, and suffer for others.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Micah 7:18-19 (ESV)