Obeying God Rather than Men

Study Guide

  1. Peter and John are not surprised to experience persecution as they seek to move God’s kingdom forward. Does their story resonate with you? How have you encountered resistance in trying to spread the gospel or live in a way that reflects Christ?

  2. When God’s people put themselves in vulnerable situations in order to further his mission, God’s power, strength, and wisdom flow through them to accomplish it. Can you think of a time when you have experienced this? How did it affect you?

Key Points
  • As Peter and John face persecution for preaching the gospel and healing in Jesus’ name, it becomes apparent that the Church is a unique entity.

  • Peter is clear that Jesus is exclusive—we can either come under his authority, be evaluated by him, and let him provide for us; or, we can decide to evaluate God and try to provide for ourselves.

  • When the ruling government opposes God, we must obey until we can’t. When the authority’s laws ask us to sin or disobey God, we obey God and suffer the consequences.

  • The nations always have been and always will be against God and his mission. However, the Church often flourishes and becomes more powerful when persecuted.

  • We should not be surprised when we encounter resistance to God’s message and mission in the world. Instead, we should allow God’s Spirit to fill us and give us power to move God’s kingdom forward.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Acts 4:1-31