Culturally Engaged

Study Guide

Engaging the culture to share the message of salvation includes both doing good deeds and having a voice—for our church and for us personally. Motivated by our love for God and what he has done for us, and by a holy fear of who God is, we need to be sure we are both doing good deeds and telling others why in order to bring glory to God and shine light in the darkness.
  1. Matt mentioned that the light that we give is the good deeds that we do. What good deeds are you personally involved in that others can see and give glory to God? Did any of Matt’s ideas resonate with you? (e.g. coaching a team, getting involved in a school, mentoring, visiting someone in the hospital, inviting your neighbors over, etc.)

  2. Read Acts 4:16-22. How would you say you are characterized: as someone who wants to tell about what God has done and shares with your voice, or someone who remains silent about what you have seen and heard? What holds you back from sharing, and what does that say about who you fear, God or man?

  3. How have you seen good deeds and voice work together to show someone the love of Christ? How have the good works and love of someone else affected your own faith and shined light in your darkness?

  4. Matt mentioned three ways we can share with others: (1) Ask questions about people’s lives and ask if you can pray with and for them, (2) Speak and respond gently and kindly, and (3) Share your story (resource on the Grace Church mobile app). Which one of these is hardest for you? How can you do one of these this week?

  5. If no one asks you about your faith, you might not be living a compelling life. People should be asking you why you do the things you do. When is the last time someone asked you about your faith? Or have you so surrounded yourself with Christians that there is no one to ask you?

  6. GROUP: Discuss the initiatives that your campus pastor shared. How can you personally or as a group get involved in what your campus is doing?

Key Points
  • The light that you give is the good deeds that you do.

  • It’s not about how much Bible you know but about how you respond to the Scripture that you do know (James 1:22-25).

Scripture References

Scripture: Matthew 5:14-16, James 1:22-25

Topics: Culturally Engaged, Good Deeds, Local Church, Works