Crucifixion, Burial, and the Resurrection

Study Guide

As we finish this series in the Gospel of Mark, we see the gospel come to fruition in the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Just as many in Jesus’ day missed the purpose of his death, we are also often distracted from the meaning and power of the gospel. As believers, the reality that Jesus’ sacrifice has reconciled us to God should inform every aspect of our lives, compelling us to live out the mission God has called us to.
  1. When Jesus suffered on the cross, he was able to look beyond the present moment of pain and trust in God’s sovereignty. Do you struggle to trust God when you are experiencing difficulty? How can you express sorrow honestly to God and still move towards faith and trust in his divine purposes?

  2. Many of Jesus’ followers missed the purpose of his death because they were evaluating a divine power from a human perspective. We often do the same when we tell God what we would do if we had his power. In those difficult moments, how can you remind yourself that God is at work in a way that is much bigger than you can comprehend?

  3. Take some time to reflect on all we have learned about Jesus and the gospel through this series. How should this information affect your mission—your purpose in life? In what area of your life do you struggle most to do this? What steps do you need to take to filter your beliefs, thoughts, and actions through the lens of the gospel?

Key Points
  • When suffering on the cross, Jesus quotes Psalm 22, crying out to God in his pain. Even in this moment of utter loneliness, he’s able to move from an expression of sorrow to one of trust in God.

  • Like Jesus, we should be compelled by God’s mission and divine purpose through every moment of our lives, even the most difficult ones.

  • Through Jesus’ death, demonstrated by the torn veil, we are given divine access—a new way to relate to God and be made right with him. This is the foundation of our hope.

  • When a Roman officer confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, we see the transformative power of the gospel at work. If we have full understanding of Jesus’ identity, confess our sins, and place our faith in him, it should transform our lives as well.

  • Mark makes it abundantly clear that Jesus has died. Indeed, the resurrection has no power or meaning apart from Jesus’ death. It is the lynchpin of our faith—without it, there is no good news.

  • As believers, we are the next chapter of Jesus’ story. This truth should inform our mission on earth. If we believe and are transformed by the power of the gospel, then we will have freedom to give our time, energy, and resources to God.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Mark 15:33-16:8

Topics: Crucifixion, Jesus, Resurrection