Cursed to Blessed

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The Galatians have forgotten that the sole source of their blessing is Jesus, void of additions like good deeds or intentions. The people of Galatia are depending on the law to save them when it’s only Jesus who can make us righteous. While we no longer try to perfectly reach the standards of the law like the Galatians, we still create standards of what we think will make us “good enough” instead of trusting in God alone.
  1. Our natural instinct is to trust ourselves more than we trust other people. How would you explain to someone else that believing the gospel requires abandoning that instinct?

  2. When you ask yourself, “Am I living out of the gratefulness of what God did for me, or am I trying to earn points?”, what is your first reaction? In what ways might your faith be depending on your own performance?

  3. What kinds of behaviors or thoughts make you feel like you are “earning points” with God? How does going from cursed to blessed change that mindset?

  4. How have the first four weeks of this series changed or challenged your view of salvation?

Key Points
  • The consequence of the curse we are under because of our sin is judgment; we have been cut off from God.

  • The curse is a declaration of our unrighteousness while the blessing is a declaration of righteousness through Jesus Christ.

  • While we aren’t trying to follow the law in the same way as the Galatians, we often have the false belief that “if I do good things, God will approve of me”.

  • Our past is redeemable but not erasable; we can’t work it off or prove ourselves to God.

  • Our instinct that it takes a massive work to fix the gap between us and God is correct, but it’s through the work of Jesus not our own. We have to decide if we will trust God or ourselves.

  • Jesus’ death on the cross satisfies God’s wrath over our sin—it is substitutionary atonement.

  • Your sin is not more powerful than the infinite God who became man to come save you.

  • If our faith is based on performance, we will either swing to despair or arrogance. We have to get away from this measurement and trust in God.

  • Your sin is not more powerful than his sacrifice.

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Topics: Atonement, Faith, Rescue, Sacrifice