Slaves to Sons

Study Guide

When Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose to bring us life, he bought our freedom with his blood and adopted us as his own children. Because of the performance of Jesus, we are free from having to perform or strive to assign ourselves value or security. We have no other identity except a beloved child in the family of God.
  1. What does it mean that God is your Abba, Father?

  2. How are you still living as a slave? How would your life look different if you were living as a son?

  3. Two lies that slaves believe concern their value and security:

    1. Value: My value depends on my ability to perform or what other people think of me, which leaves me looking to humans to assign me my worth.
    2. Security: For my future to work out for me, I have to manage and control it, which leaves me striving and anxious to get my needs met.

    In what ways do you live like your value or security is hanging in the balance? Which lie is more true of you?

    If you truly believed that your value and security are unchanging, what would you feel freed up to do?

  4. If you are going to write out a personalized notecard to learn to practically “preach a compelling sermon to yourself”, what will your lie, truth, Scripture, and actions be? (Below is Scofield Foster’s notecard that he showed in service, for reference) If you have another creative way to do this, what is it?


Key Points
  • God sent Jesus to buy our freedom and adopt us as his very own.

  • As a child of God, we have been both justified (made right with God) and adopted (made members of God’s family).

  • Justification is the language of the courtroom but adoption is the language of the living room.

  • God doesn’t just forgive us of our sin and stop there—he brings us into the family.

  • God is our Abba, Father and we are his beloved children.

  • Because of your sonship in God’s family, your value and security no longer hang in the balance.

  • We are not turning away from our slavery to BECOME sons but because we ARE sons.

  • We do not have to perform for this love.

  • Slaves believe the lie that their value and security hang in the balance. Sons believe the truth that their value and security are in nothing else except Jesus.

Other Scripture References

Scripture: Galatians 4:4-7