God Our Savior

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What does it mean for God to be our Savior? Some of us might think of salvation as transactional or a “one-time” deal, while others of us rarely think about salvation, seeing death as hypothetical and trying to save ourselves with lesser, temporary things like pleasure, beauty, friendships, marriage, security—you name it. But salvation is not transactional. It is a personal, intimate relationship with the God who formed us, created us, and gave up his own son to save us from the curse of sin and brokenness. He regards us as precious, bestows honor on us, and he loves us. This is the God who saves.
  1. When you hear “salvation”, what do you think of? How have you thought about the phrase “being saved” in your life and how did this teaching impact you differently?

  2. God chooses to cover Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:21 and be merciful to them at the expense of another life. What does this tell you about the character of God?

  3. How have you tried to save yourself? What lesser things do you look to on this earth to save you instead of trusting entirely in God your Savior? What do you need to start saying no to?

  4. In Isaiah 43:2, God doesn’t say we won’t go through difficult things. He tells us that when we go through them, he will be with us. In what current situation does this bring you comfort? What does his presence change about your circumstances?

  5. God is Yahweh, your God. He is the Holy One of Israel, your Savior. You are precious in his sight, honored, and loved (Isaiah 43:4, ESV). Is this how you view God and his relationship with you? Why or why not? If you truly believed this with everything in you, what is one thing that would significantly change in your life?

Key Points
  • Most of us think of salvation as transactional or when we have a problem that threatens our health or security and we are forced to think about it.

  • In Genesis 3:21, Adam and Eve are ashamed and naked, yet God is merciful and covers them with the skin of an animal. In order for them to be covered, life had to be taken to triumph over their sin and give them freedom from shame. Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment of the animal whose blood was shed—skinned— to provide cover for us.

  • In Isaiah 43, we are reminded that God who created and formed us has chosen to identify with us in our brokenness, even while we create and form our own gods.

  • Through salvation, we are not given the absence of difficult situations but the power and comfort of God’s presence in the face of our difficulty. God is committed to be present and connected to his people.

  • God is Yahweh, your God. He is the Holy One of Israel, your Savior. You are precious in his sight, honored, and loved (Isaiah 43:4, ESV).

  • Read Romans 8:31-32. God is willing to go to this length to be your God. He gave up his son to be the innocent sacrifice for your sin and shame, consuming you with his holiness and giving you freedom from the false and life-draining saviors you find on this earth. This is who he is and why you can trust him.

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