I Am the Alpha and the Omega

Study Guide

Although Jesus is hidden to many, there will come a time when He will be hidden to no one. In Revelation 1, the Apostle John speaks to this event, reminding us of God’s transcendence over all of creation, time, and eternity.
  1. As humans, we are slaves to the moment. If grace and peace depend on our circumstances, we will never find stability; true grace and peace come from God alone. What does His transcendence have to do with us having grace and peace? In what circumstances in your life do you need to be tethered to the One who brings grace and peace and believe that God is both in the moment with you and sovereign over all?

  2. God has made us priests in this world, advocates for those who don’t know Him, and gives us work to do as His ambassadors. In what ways are you tempted to just “hang out” as a Christian? What work do you need to do to serve God’s people? What does it look like for you to live like a priest?

  3. Matt reminded us that there is an event coming that will be great for some and not great for others. Those who have rejected Jesus are not ready to meet Him, and it will be a day of rejection and mourning instead of a day of celebration. Do you trust in the ultimate ruler who created you and gave up His life so that you can live?

Key Points
  • As Creator, God is able to restore everything that gets lost or corrupted in our sin-filled, fallen world. Our status as sinners is incredibly personal to the Father; we were His enemies, yet He made the conscious decision to lay His life down for us so that we can live It is either His blood or mine pays for my sin.

  • One day, Jesus will show up and reveal Himself to the world as the ultimate and final leader and ruler of the world.

  • You reveal the true condition of your heart when you think you are in charge and believe you are accountable to no one.

Scripture References

Topics: Joy, Peace