I Am the Good Shepherd

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Throughout the Gospel of John, Jesus continues to announce His Deity and gives us a glimpse of how we know His claims are true. As He speaks to the self-righteous and self-interested Pharisees, He reminds us that we are sheep, helpless and vulnerable, and assures us that He is Yahweh, the Good Shepherd. He is not one of many shepherds able to lead us—He is the Good Shepherd.
  1. We need to identify ourselves as sheep—we are needy, stupid, and dependent. Our limitations and brokenness point directly to our need for a Shepherd because, apart from Him and His guidance, we can do nothing (John 15:5). What is your natural reaction to being called sheep? What experiences in your life prove you to be a sheep? What circumstances do you need to currently surrender to the Good Shepherd and stop trying to manage on your own?

  2. We can be tempted to treat Jesus like tech support, calling on Him when we are in a bad season. When has your relationship with Jesus been characterized this way? Why do you think you do this? How is this rooted in pride?

  3. We are not promised a “good” life but we have been given the Good Shepherd; Nowhere in the Bible are we promised a pain-free, comfortable, and prosperous life on earth. On this side of Heaven, there are many false shepherds vying for our allegiance and attention that promise the “good” life we think we deserve. What can you identify as your false shepherds? In what area of your life do you need to turn your hope over to the Good Shepherd?

  4. Some false shepherds seem obvious with teaching that immediately doesn’t line up with Scripture, but are we able to discern the lies from someone who downplays sin, subtly reinterprets the gospel, or skews Scripture to promise a good life? How have you been blind to these deceptions in your own life? Do you have a realistic understanding of your own brokenness and need for Jesus? How do you know?

Key Points
  • “We are not promised a good life but we have been given a Good Shepherd.”

  • The Good Shepherd knows us. As believers, we get to know His voice and experience life change.

Scripture References

Topics: False Teachers, Fragile