I Am the Resurrection and the Life

Study Guide

Through Jesus’ responses to Martha and Mary’s questions in John 11, we learn the way in which God intentionally and purposefully loves us. Although it is not always the way we think we ought to be loved, Jesus reveals His personal, patient, deep, powerful, and victorious love for His people.
  1. What is a situation in your life where you thought: if God really does love me, why would I experience pain in this way? Based on the way in which Jesus reveals the love and character of God in John 11, how might God have been loving you through that circumstance? Looking back, how was your definition of God’s “love” during that time different than God’s terms of love?

  2. Even in the midst of Martha’s suffering, Jesus didn’t say: “I’m going to fix this.” Instead, He asked her if she believed in Him—if she trusted Him. God cares more about the orientation of our hearts than the outplay of our circumstances. In what ways does this apply to your life now? In what area of your life is your heart not oriented around trust in God?

  3. Jesus is committed to us not going to anyone else to solve our problems because He knows that He is the only solution. Who or what of this world do you try to grab on to in order to solve your problems? Have you experienced the person of Jesus? What might He be trying to reveal to you about His love and relationship with you?

Key Points
  • In the midst of our struggle, Jesus weeps for us. While we weep for what we have lost but have no control over, Jesus weeps because, although He does have control, He so identifies with our pain. The very thing that causes us pain and suffering is oftentimes the very way that God is showing us His love and presence in our lives.

  • When Jesus’ power is questioned, He responds by bringing Lazarus back to life; He solves our greatest and deepest problem. He doesn’t just cure people, He resurrects them to eternal life.

  • Once we fix one problem with a person or thing of this world, we’ll feel good for a time, but there will always be something else. Only the person of Jesus can truly solve our greatest need.

  • Be wary of how you might be “playing church” but missing the experience of Jesus and the relationship with Him.

Topics: Suffering