I Am the True Vine

Study Guide

To help us understand more fully and plainly our dependence on Him, Jesus introduces the idea that He is the Vine, the Father is the Gardener, and we are the branches. As branches, our only purpose is to produce fruit as we stay connected to Jesus, the source of life.
  1. The Father’s purpose is to make sure the branches produce the fruit that He needs them to bear; therefore, what matters for us is what the Father wants to do in our lives not what we want to get out of our life. Where is the Gardener producing fruit in you? How has this looked the same or different than what you wanted for your life?

  2. When we wake up in the morning, our focus should be one thing: how to stay connected to Jesus. To do this, we must get rid of distractions and hindrances that keep us from getting to Him. What keeps you from staying connected to the Vine? What do you need to change to order your life around things that connect you to Jesus?

  3. Bill White challenged us to build our lives around the structure of love rather than the feeling of love. What do you think he meant by this? How were you challenged by the examples of what it means to truly love others?

Key Points
  • We do not know what needs to be done to accomplish God’s will for our lives, therefore we have to trust that the Gardener will carry it out as we stay connected to the Vine.

  • The Father’s will is that we bear good fruit, He prunes us for the harvest that He will reap, and He does what is necessary to produce the fruit He wants.

  • We don’t always have a felt sense of the presence of God, but we can lay aside the hindrances and distractions that keep us from being connected to Him.

  • If you read your Bible and feel hollow, it may be because you are structuring your life around yourself instead of loving people well. When you give your life away, it is more natural to stay connected to Jesus.

Scripture References

Topics: Abide, Serve