Jacob's Prosperity

Study Guide

Many times, we attribute blessing to our circumstances and the material things we are given in this world. However, as believers, we know that we are blessed with or without any worldly item or person—we are in fact blessed because of God’s presence alone.
  1. Robby mentioned that the American culture rewards activity that can produce positive circumstances and material blessings by what seems like our own effort. If we think being blessed is based on circumstances and material possessions, we are believing that we can live a blessed life without God. How might you be seeking a formula or making an idol of your blessings instead of seeking the one who blesses? In what ways have you had a “transactional” relationship with God to obtain his blessing and favor? What were the results or consequences of that?

  2. Just because Jacob went through six years of oppression does not mean that God was not blessing him; suffering and difficulty do not mean a lack in God’s blessing or in our faith. He doesn’t promise to take away opposition but promises to work in us through it. Are you in a season of waiting? In what ways has God continued to bless you even through difficulty?

  3. Blessings are not for ourselves; when we are aligned with God, he blesses others through us. What has God blessed you with? What has God blessed you for? How have you seen God use the blessings he’s given you for the good of others? How are you using what he has given you to bless and serve others?

Key Points
  • Although “blessed” in our culture tends to put the emphasis on our physical circumstances, being truly “blessed” puts the emphasis on the blesser.

  • The blessing of God is when he accomplishes for us what we cannot do for ourselves.

  • We accept a softer version of the “prosperity gospel” when our relationship with God is wrongly determined in the moment, based on our circumstances and what he has given or not given us.

  • Focus on the Father as the source of what you already have not the way to get what you want.

  • If God is on our side then there is nothing and no one that can come up against us. God will accomplish his will.

Scripture References

Scripture: Genesis 30:25-34

Topics: Blessed, Blessing, God's Blessing, God's Presence, God's Promise, Prosperity, Prosperity Gospel, Purposeful Living, Serving