Drawing Near: Aging & Suffering

Scripture: Job 12:12, Psalm 71:18

Topics: Community, Death, Dependence


The ideas of aging, suffering, and dying are a work in and of themselves—something that God has called us to embrace. With the decay inherited in Genesis 1 comes the spiritual work of aging maturing, and influencing the world around us. Our brokenness is meant to awaken our souls; a physical reminder of our damaged spiritual condition. What follows is a realization that any hope and peace we can long for has to be rooted elsewhere.

  1. God has work for us as we age. Getting older IS the work. Our limitations allow us to learn in a way that we couldn’t if we thought we didn’t need God. (2 Corinthians 4:16-18).
  2. Embracing death allows us to release the idol of control.
  3. WE have a responsibility to teach and prepare our friends and family.
  4. We should give honor to those who are aging. Those who are suffering carry a weight in ways that we never have. They can bring a perspective that a younger person who is wrapped up in life can’t have. Aging is the greatest teacher of the groaning and the glory.