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Sex and sexuality can be confusing and divisive topics, both in our culture and in the church. And because we live in a fallen world, all of us struggle with some aspect of sexual brokenness- even if we don’t recognize it. Many of us have carried wounds of sexual sin for years—shame over sins done to us, sins we’ve committed, and wounds that are simply the result of the fallen nature of our world.

Redeeming Sexuality takes a deep, biblical look at the roots of sexual brokenness, how it manifests in our lives, and how we can find freedom and hope in the gospel. In this newly revised study, we will examine sex and sexuality from a biblical perspective and take our fractured hearts to a loving Father who is skilled in mending us with love, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Below you will find everything you need for this study. We have included teaching videos that correlate with the big ideas in this study as well as links to the book, leader guide, the first chapter, and any handouts you may need. For a short overview of this study click below.

Study Videos

Redeeming Sexuality Teaching Session

Both the culture and the church have contributed to our misconceptions about sex and sexuality and have framed our understanding. How do we reframe our …

Empathy and Its Role in Healing Shame

Understand the role that empathy has in healing shame.

Examples of Non-Empathetic Responses

Our ability to offer empathy to others begins with understanding how responses that are not empathetic can be hurtful.

Panel Discussion: The Challenges of Marital Intimacy

A helpful conversation with three couples in different seasons of marriage.

Challenges in Physical Intimacy

An open and honest dialogue with three healthcare providers on some of the unique challenges women may face in regards to sexual intimacy.