Break Through the Noise

We live in a culture where it is next to impossible to not have an opinion on any given topic. Whereas some things are ultimately irrelevant (favorite sports team, etc.), there are many things that are critically important to how we view and understand the world. 

More often than not, we turn to our feelings and our friend groups to help us decide what we should believe about something. The problem is that our feelings and our friend groups can lead us astray. We need to turn to something that is a solid truth to show us how to live and to think. We struggle to submit our emotions and feelings to the authority of God’s Word on certain topics that will greatly impact our lives. 

In the series Break Through The Noise, we will take time to not only look at some of the major “hot topic” issues that are in our culture, but we will also talk through how to instead think about all things in relation to who we are in Christ. 

Week 6


Week 7