Week 1

This or That

God is exclusive. We will know we love Jesus and are following him by how we die to the things we hold dear.

Week 2

God or Money

Money is a necessity for life, but often becomes the thing that drives us instead of God. You can’t truly serve God if money is …

Week 3

God’s Approval or Friend’s Approval

We have been created to seek approval from God, but often find ourselves living separate lives as we seek approval from others. However, God is …

Week 4

Self-Love or Love of Others

We live in a culture that promotes self-care and self-love, but focusing only on ourselves isn’t what God wants for his people. You can either …

Week 5

God’s Righteousness vs Self-Righteousness

We often compare our sin to the sins of those around us, and we tend to create a standard for our sin that appeases our …

Week 6

Greatness in the Kingdom vs Greatness Here

God gives us hope for greatness in his kingdom, but often we strive to achieve greatness in this world. Because we are made in God’s …