We are all looking for something to provide us with ultimate satisfaction, security, and worth. Hashtag or not, our personal #lifegoals reveal what we think we need in order to be fulfilled to have life. We know they have become an idol if when these things are threatened, we feel our value or worth has been threatened. Our desires are not bad in themselves; the problem is, instead of having our desires satisfied by our Creator, we try to find it in the things he has created, which is what the Scriptures call Idolatry—trusting in things besides God to give us what only God can truly give.

In our series on #lifegoals, we’re going to uncover this shared struggle with idolatry. Once we recognize that we are all worshipping something, we can begin to consider what it would look like to find the life our soul craves in a personal relationship with the God who created us. 

Week 1


Week 5

Life in Jesus